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The international demand for immediate payments

16 March 2017

The international demand for immediate payments

Ellie Fixter,
Senior PR & Content Manager,

Last year, we announced alongside ACI Worldwide that we were joining forces to offer a complete end-to-end immediate payments solution to launch a domestic or regional immediate payments network.

Following the successful partnership, we can now announce that Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. will be using our market-leading IPS solution for central payment infrastructures and ACI’s UP Immediate Payments solution, to connect its more than 10,000 financial institution clients and their customers to real-time payment networks. This will include The Clearing House Real-time Payments System  and Zelle networks.

A leading provider of banking and payment services throughout North America, Jack Henry & Associates (JHA) offers competitive, value-added services to consumer and business clients to realise data-rich, faster and secure payments.

Our IPS solution and ACI’s UP Immediate Payments, will provide Jack Henry with a pre-integrated solution, enabling quicker onboarding to the payments scheme and accelerate the adoption of real-time payments to meet the expectations of their many thousands of end users.

VocaLink offers a global, market-leading solution for central infrastructures to manage the clearing of real-time payments according to the rules decided by a particular country or region.

The solution supports the central infrastructures of the UK Faster Payments, the Singapore FAST schemes and Thailand’s PromptPay, and is also currently being implemented in the U.S. at The Clearing House. ACI’s UP Immediate Payments solution addresses the end-to-end requirements of financial institutions and payment service providers, enabling them to integrate and manage their entire payments ecosystem simply through solution configuration.

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