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13 April 2015

Celebrating 30 years of LINK ATM

Deborah Souter,
Head of Content,

In June this year, VocaLink will celebrate 30 years of LINK processing, which currently supports over 69,000 ATMs, connected to domestic, European and international card issuers.

We are incredibly proud to operate the world’s busiest ATM switch and maintain a track record for over 99.9% service availability.

Systems availability and resilience are critical to bank success and reputation. Whilst there is much discussion and excitement around new technologies, such as mobile payments, the ATM is still a lifeline for many people.

For 90% of consumers, the ATM is an indispensable banking channel, often their preferred or only method of withdrawing cash. Understandably, people expect access to their cash when they want it, so any outage has serious implications for a card issuer’s brand. With social media channels becoming an increasingly popular way for customers to engage with banks, it is critical that financial institutions know there is a solid back up plan should system outage occur.

Several regulatory bodies have called for issuers to form contingency plans in the event that systems become unavailable. The VocaLink resilience solution supports the universal banking need for 100% systems availability. The solution leverages our proven infrastructure to provide continuity and ensure that the customer remains unaffected. With VocaLink resilience, card issuers can rest assured that customers can still get access to their cash even when bank systems are down, which inevitably helps protect reputation and minimise the daunting prospect of a social media storm.

Over the next 12 to 18 months, the VocaLink ATM division will be busy as we leverage our systems availability and expertise to help the industry provide for both planned or unscheduled system outages.

Find out more about our ATM services here.

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