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Next Generation of Payments: Attitudes to Payments research

09 September 2015

Next Generation of Payments: Attitudes to Payments research

Cara O'nions,
Marketing & Customer Insight Director,

This mobile payments research forms part of VocaLink’s thought leadership programme. It was commissioned by our Marketing and Customer Insight team to gain insight into our market, its current and future dynamics and to assess what customers really want from mobile payments. The study follows on from our 2013 study, which focused mainly on mobile banking. 

Two years is a long time in the history of payments and mobile banking has become a reality. Will mobile payments follow the same path? 

Our research suggests that mobile payments are well on the road to becoming mainstream; however, the route is less clear. As marketed products, mobile payments can be branded and differentiated. 

Competition will determine the winners and losers and there is all to play for in the mobile war. 

This study offers a snapshot of a market that is in constant flux and where there are many disruptive forces, including the disappearance of geographical borders with SEPA; the appearance of new market entrants; and the arrival of new technologies, such as biometrics.

Download the report to learn more...

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